New Wi-Fi network FC Groningen

New Wi-Fi network FC Groningen

With a thirteenth place in the Eredivisie ranking, FC Groningen’s football has yet to pick up steam this season, but Lumiad B.V. the coming successes from the Euroborg stadium can be shared en masse via the internet. Lumiad, the expert in wireless network technology, provided the stadium in collaboration with installation agency RSE telecom & ICT and Brama Systems with a Wi-Fi network that is robust enough to absorb and process all peak moments during a match.

And that’s no small thing when you consider that the stadium can accommodate no fewer than 22,550 spectators. For weeks, a team of specialists in special climbing harnesses installed the 124 access points, supplied by LANCOM Systems GmbH, in the rafters of the stadium, guaranteeing an optimal reach for all users. From now on, it is possible for all visitors to the Euroborg to be informed at lightning speed during the match via smartphone about other sports events taking place simultaneously. With Lumiad’s super Wi-Fi, the success of FC Groningen is in the air.

Vincent Coljé, responsible for ICT within FC Groningen, among other things, is very satisfied; “It has been a project of months in which all parties have made a great effort to make it a success,” said Vincent Coljé. “We have already played on the network in the past three home games, with employees from RSE Telecom & ICT and Lumiad BV always present to identify and resolve any problems. The tests were positive and we are very pleased to have made a nice step in accessibility and interactivity. Good internet is part of this time and we are happy to be able to guarantee that during competitions

The renewed network provides coverage over the entire stadium. Not only during competitions, but also on other days during the various events, meetings, fairs or congresses that are organized in Euroborg. From now on you are always assured of a good Wi-Fi network at FC Groningen.

Lumiad is proud that we have been able to successfully complete this great job and will continue to closely monitor and maintain the FC Groningen network for at least the next 5 years.