Network access control made easy 'Zero Trust'


Brama XS Controller is developed by experts in the areas of wireless networking, IT security and IT operations who combined their knowledge and experience to help organisations manage complex IT security challenges and leverage existing infrastructure security to higher levels to create Zero Trust. Brama XS Controller aims to make difficult and expensive NAC / NAP features and services simple and cost-efficient, and available to everyone.


BXS stand alone & multitenant

The Brama XS Controller provides small and medium sized organization with enterprise-class security controls.

BXS carrier

Brama XS Carrier contains exclusive features to improve IT operational efficiency for internet service providers, carriers and large-scale enterprises

WPA kiosk

Intuitive self-enrollment and onboarding for internal users or guests. Keeping session isolated, end-users secure and offloading administration and operations.


Intuitive self-enrollment and onboarding for internal users or guests.

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Vendor independent

Todays network environments contain hardware components from multiple hardware vendor. These switches and wireless controllers have their own management consoles, possibilities and limitations. Maintaining a multi-vendor environment is complex and labor intensive. Brama XS enables the management from one single location.

Simplicity / manageability

The solution contains all basic functionality to grant access according to the network policies for any device. Guest Access, temporary access, users, hardware etc. The management portal for managing the complete network is user friendly. The BXS is available cloud based, VM, NUKE, and a combination.


Adding more layers of security on network level is needed to cope with the majority of vulnerabilities. Introducing our own Certificate Engine (PKI-engine) was needed to add more information to the passports such as: Where, When, What is the device allowed to access.
Simplicity, vendor independency, security and manageability are the key values creating Zero Trust.

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As a Brama partner, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools, and connections. The partner Network is an open two-way dialogue that invites you to team with us to create the best solutions for your customers. A good partnership needs attention and commitment to stay healthy. Brama is continually investing in initiatives that drive profitability, gain a competitive advantage and get support you need.

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