Network Access Control Hospitality

Network Access Control Hospitality

Providing Flexible and Secure Network Access is the act of keeping unauthorised users and devices out of a private network. Managing a Hospitality Proporty is no easy task, especially from the standpoint of security. Every IoT device that connects to your network creates a potential risk. A specially in Hospitality the goal is that certain devices or users from outside of the organisation occasional access to the network can use network access control to ensure that these devices meet corporate security compliance regulations.

For a partner that works in the Hospitality the biggest reason working with Brama Systems is that hotels have sensitive areas that require restricted access.


An access control system from Brama, determines who has the authority to enter each room in your property. That means that with the Brama tools the client, can set up a certain area in such a way that there is limited access. In this way it was possible to bring to a higher security level in a simple way. In addition, Brama’s unique Bluetooth patent offered the option of giving certain suppliers access to a predetermined space via an IOT device. Temporary employees could also be deployed effectively and efficiently in this way.

Why Brama?

Some differentiating factors of Brama compared to other providers

  • ease and speed of implementation
  • integration with existing services and equipment
  • advanced multi-tier PKI
  • simple dynamic VLAN selection